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101 Job Interview Questions You'll Never Fear Again EPUB
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101 Job Interview Questions You'll Never Fear Again EPUB

Learn the secrets to excelling at job interviews, directly from top interviewers and recruiters.

You can't prepare an answer for every interview question. So, of the thousands of questions potential employers might ask, which ones will they ask? And what should you say?

After extensive research among hundreds of interviewers and thousands of interviewees, finally here's the book that will give you the answer.

101 Job Interview Questions You'll Never Fear Again is based on direct input from top interviewers. It offers powerful preparation techniques, the lowdown on how to answer the most common questions, and - above all - how to adopt a winning mind-set at interviews, one that will help you stand out from the pack and land the job.

From classic questions like "tell me about yourself" and "what are your greatest weaknesses?" to puzzlers like "sell me this pen" and "how many traffic lights are there in New York?", James Reed reveals what interviewers are really asking and gives you the best possible answers.


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