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123 roms traduzidas pt-br snes
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We are currently looking for a partner that can provide us proper descriptions for music/applications/games.

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icon 3 Ninjas Kick Back.smc2 MB
icon 7Th - Saga BR.smc1.5 MB
icon ActRaiser 2 (U).smc1.5 MB
icon Addams Family, The - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (U).smc1 MB
icon Aladdin (U).smc1.3 MB
icon Alcahest (BR) v0.99.smc1.1 MB
icon Alcahest (BR) v0.99.zst260.6 KB
icon Alien vs. Predator (U) [T+Por].smc1 MB
icon Alien_3_(U).smc1 MB
icon Arcana_br.smc1 MB
icon Arkanoid_-_Doh_It_Again.smc512.5 KB
icon Battle Soccer - Field no Hasha.smc1 MB
icon Battletoads And Double Dragons.smc1 MB
icon Battletoads In Battlemaniacs.smc1 MB
icon Biker Mice From Mars.smc1.1 MB
icon Blackthorne.smc1 MB
icon Bobby's World.smc1 MB
icon Brain Lord.smc1.5 MB
icon Brandish (BR) v1.00.smc1.5 MB
icon Breath Of Fire.smc1.5 MB
icon Captain America and The Avengers.smc1 MB
icon Captain Commando (U.smc2 MB
icon Captain Tsubasa V - Hasha no Shougou Campione.smc2 MB
icon Choplifter III.smc512 KB
icon Cybernator.smc1 MB
icon Daffy Duck Marv Miss.smc1 MB
icon Demons_crest.smc2 MB
icon Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (US).smc2 MB
icon Dragon Ball Z - Dragon_Ball_Z_-_A_lenda_dos_sayaji.smc1 MB
icon Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden.smc2 MB
icon Dragon_quest_I_e_II.smc2 MB
icon Evo(br).smc1.5 MB
icon FIFA International Soccer (U).smc1 MB
icon Final Fight (U) [BR].smc1 MB
icon Final Fight Guy (BR) v0.98.smc1 MB
icon Final_fantasy_2(br).smc1 MB
icon Flashback (E).smc2 MB
icon Futebol Brasileiro '96 (Unl).smc2 MB
icon Goof Troop.smc512.5 KB
icon Gundam Wing - Endless Duel (J).smc2 MB
icon Hamelin no Violin Hiki (J) [T+Bra101_Hexagon].smc1.5 MB
icon Hamelin no Violin Hiki.smc1.5 MB
icon Harvest Moon (U).smc2 MB
icon Hyper Volleyball.smc1 MB
icon Inazuma Serve da!! Super Beach.SMC1 MB
icon Inspector Gadget (U).smc1 MB
icon International Super Star Soccer Deluxe - Futebol Brasileiro 2007 (BR) v1.00.smc2.2 MB
icon International Super Star Soccer Deluxe - Ronaldinho Soccer 97 (BR) v1.00.smc2 MB
icon International Super Star Soccer Deluxe - World Cup France 98 (BR) v1.00.smc2 MB
icon Jurassic Park 2 (E)[PORT].smc2 MB
icon King Arthur - [BR].smc512.5 KB
icon Magic Knight Rayearth (J) [T+Por].smc1.5 MB
icon Mega Man 3 X.smc2 MB
icon Mega Man 7.smc2 MB
icon Mega Man X 2 (U).smc2 MB
icon Mega_man_x.smc1.5 MB
icon Metal Warriors.smc2 MB
icon Mickey & Minnie - The Great Circus Mistery.smc1.5 MB
icon Mickey Mania (US) [t1].swc2 MB
icon Mickey Mouse - The Magical Quest.smc1 MB
icon Mortal Kombat (E) (Blood Patch Hack).smc2 MB
icon NBA Live '95 (U) [T+Por].smc1.5 MB
icon Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (U).smc1.5 MB
icon Panic_in_naka yoshi World.smc512.5 KB
icon Prince of Persia.smc1 MB
icon Ranma Nibunnoichi - Akanekodan Teki Hihou (J) [T+Bra111_Hexagon].smc1.5 MB
icon Rock N' Roll Racing (E).smc1 MB
icon Scooby-Doo.smc2 MB
icon Secret of Mana (US).smc2 MB
icon Secret_of_the_stars.smc1.5 MB
icon Sim City.smc512.5 KB
icon Sky Blazer (U).smc1 MB
icon Snoopy Concert (J).smc2 MB
icon Soldiers of Fortune -A.smc1.5 MB
icon Space_ace.smc1 MB
icon Spell craft.smc1 MB
icon Starfox.smc1 MB
icon Street Fighter 2 - The World Warrior.smc2 MB
icon Sunset Riders.smc1 MB
icon Super Castlevania IV (U).smc1.1 MB
icon Super Mario World (U).smc512 KB
icon Super_Mario_World_2_-_Yoshi's_Island_(E).smc2 MB
icon The Addams Family - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt.smc1 MB
icon The Ignition Factor.smc1 MB
icon The Legend of Zelda - Link to Past.smc1 MB
icon The Lost Vikings 2.smc1 MB
icon The Lost Vikings.smc1 MB
icon Tiny Toon Adventures - Wild & Wacky Sports.smc1 MB
icon Top Gear 2.smc1 MB
icon Top Racer (J).smc512.5 KB
icon True Lies.smc2 MB
icon U.N. Squadron.smc1 MB
icon Warlock.smc2 MB
icon Worms.smc2 MB
icon X-Men - Mutant Apocalypse.smc2 MB
icon Zelda.smc1 MB
icon animaniacs (u) [BR].smc1 MB
icon go_go_ackman(j).smc1.3 MB
icon lemmings [E][port].smc1 MB